Halal or Haram?

Of Mice and Men – The Cheese Factor


Time and again we frequently hear conversations about certain cheese and cheese related products being impermissible due to the source of rennet. In fact, quite often we hear people labelling products as impermissible to consume because they see rennet on the list of ingredients.

In our humble opinion, prior to labelling a product impermissible (haram), it’s best to at least call or write to the company to find out the source of rennet. Whenever there’s a difference of opinion, we personally prefer to use the term ‘questionable’ or ‘doubtful’ than outrightly labelling it impermissible (haram).

Anyway, we came across a great article by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and thought we should share it. It talks about what rennet is and different opinions that different schools of thought hold. We understand it’s a lengthy article, but we highly recommend that you read it in it’s entirety.

Of Mice and Men – The Cheese Factor

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