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Kara Mia

We’ve been a regular at Kara Mia for as long as we can remember. To this day Kara Mia remains our favourite.

The Muslims in GTA have either heard of or at least tried Kara Mia and everyone has their own favourites. One thing that everyone agrees on is their customer service is amazing!

Bruchetta Chicken Saffron Poutine with Peppercorn Sauce

We, the sisters have tried a number of different items on the menu, the following is our favourite so far:

  • Chicken Saffron – love the smooth velvety sauce, the taste of saffron of course, and strong creamy/buttery taste. It goes down so well!
  • Penne Picante Rose (Chicken) – another one of our red/tomato sauce favourites
  • Poutine with Peppercorn Sauce – we absolutely love it! We love the crispy fries in peppercorn sauce, topped with baked mozarella cheese. Yum!
  • Pina Colada

We’ve frequented the Vaughan location so often that the server would see us walking in and figure that we’re going to be ordering Chicken Saffron, Poutine with Peppercorn sauce and Pina Coladas.

We’ve had better experience at the Vaughan location, both in terms of food taste/quality as well as customer service; hence, we prefer it over the Mississauga location.

We highly recommend giving this place a try, if you haven’t already done so.

Please visit their website for details: Kara Mia

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